Silicone Tools and Gadgets

image of Berry Colander in Silicone

Berry Colander in Silicone

Silicone takes high temperatures and won't scratch or burn. Use this Joie brand colander to steam (with a silicone lid). Just add vegetables, rinse under the tap, and microwave for 3 - 4 minutes. Doubles as a berry colander. 6” diameter, folds flat for storage.

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image of Foldable Spatter Guard

Foldable Spatter Guard

The foldable spatter guard lets you stir and add ingredients with easy access. Food grade silicone, safe to 450 degrees. Metal reinforced rim, fits pans 6” to 11.5” diameter. Microwave and Oven safe, Dishwasher safe.

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image of Food Huggers

Food Huggers

Go ahead and slice that onion (or other fresh veggie or fruit)…if you use only a part, the rest will keep in a silicone Food Hugger! Seals tight to keep food fresh…( and replaces plastic baggies). Set of 4 sizes .. $12.98 Choose: greens/yellow (shown) or purple/red/orange/yellow.

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image of Funfetti Silicone Spatulas

Funfetti Silicone Spatulas

These silicone spatula/spoonulas come in four varieties. Please indicate your choice of spoonula, spatula, short spatula, or thin spatula (pictured left to right).

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image of Honeycomb Hotspot Silicone Hotpad/Trivet

Honeycomb Hotspot Silicone Hotpad/Trivet

These flexible silicone hotpads from Lamson have a honeycomb design that helps keep hot items from burning your hands or scorching your counter and provides a secure grip even on slippery pot handles or jar lids. Specify light blue, cranberry, red, honey, grey or forest green.

(photo does not reflect colors available)

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image of Jar Scraper -- The Best

Jar Scraper – The Best

If you are serious about getting it all from your jars, cans and bottles (also a bonus when recycling!) we've got the ultimate jar scraper. 11” long, strong core, heat resistant silicone, flexible head. Available in charcoal grey, light grey or dark blue.

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image of Lid Lifters from the Farm

Lid Lifters from the Farm

Three silicone cuties…fit one securely on the rim of your pot This allows for the right amount of air to circulate, preventing boil-over. $6.99 for the set.

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image of Microwave Egg Sandwich Cooker

Microwave Egg Sandwich Cooker

Quickly and easily prepare one or two eggs to fit your favorite breakfast sandwich, just the right size for english muffins, bagels or biscuits. Not just for eggs…start with one or two, add grated cheese, spinach, avocado, or your favorite seasonings. Double walled so it is cool to the touch after cooking.

BPA free and Dishwasher safe

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image of Pinch Grips do Triple Duty

Pinch Grips do Triple Duty

These silicone pinch grips keep your fingers safe when grabbing a hot pan or dish. And…they grip for opening jar and bottle lids. And….they are shaped perfectly to use as a funnel.
Two sizes:
3” across x 2” deep, Set of 2 @ $3.99
4” across x 3” deep, single @ $4.99

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image of Short Utensil Set in Silicone

Short Utensil Set in Silicone

Steel-core all-silicone spoon and spatula quickly get all the contents from your jars, cans, bowls, cups, etc. These are our favorites! 8” long, heat-proof and dishwasher safe silicone, fun for kids too! $9.98 Choose color: turquoise, red, green, orange, white, blue or black.

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image of Silicone Bag - Reusable

Silicone Bag - Reusable

An eco-friendly reusable bag in real silicone at a reasonable price. Seals in freshness of snacks, lunches or leftovers. 1 Qt. heavy gauge silicone, freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe.

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image of Silicone Basting Brush

Silicone Basting Brush

Gently spread butter, sauces, marinades with this heat-resistant all-silicone brush. 8-½“long, durable steel core, dishwasher safe. Choose Red, Black or Turquoise.

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image of Silicone Spatulas and Spoons

Silicone Spatulas and Spoons

RSVP silicone spatulas add a fun pop of color to your kitchen. Heat resistant silicone surrounds a steel core for sturdiness. They are 11” long and dishwasher safe. Choose Spatula or Spoon style, and specify red, orange, white, turquoise or blue.

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image of Silicone Steamer Insert

Silicone Steamer Insert

Here's the most versatile steamer insert…it's at home in a saucepan or in the microwave. Silicone won't scratch or burn, and is easy to clean (or dishwasher). Expands to 9” diameter.

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image of Silicone Stretch Wraps

Silicone Stretch Wraps

Free your kitchen from disposable plastic wrap! Try these reusable silicone covers that stretch to fit a range of sizes of bowls or dishes, sealing tight to keep fresh. They work in the fridge, freezer, or microwave…and they travel to picnics and potlucks! Set of 2, 10 x 10 and 6 x 6, just $9.98.

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image of Universal Lid

Universal Lid

This lid does it all…fits pots, pans and round bakers from 8-½” to 11-½” in diameter. At home in the microwave, oven or on the stovetop. Integral steam vent. Glass and silicone, allows visibility and a gentle fit.

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