Herbs, Spices and Garlic

image of EVO Oil Sprayer

EVO Oil Sprayer

The EVO Oil Sprayer is the ultimate way to mist a fine coating of oil of your choice on your grill, omelet pan or saute pan. Use it to coat meats and vegetables heading for the broiler or grill. Spray a fine mist on salads…it's an environmentally friendly cost- and calorie- saver. 6 ounce Glass Bottle base, $29.98. OR specify Stainless Base (great for the grill!)

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image of Helix Garlic Press

Helix Garlic Press

The Helix Garlic Press is powerful, taking advantage of arm strength instead of hand grip. Less effort, greater squeeze…press several cloves at once! Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

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image of Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors

With five sharp 3″ stainless steel blades, our herb scissors will cut, chop or mince herbs directly into a pan or over a plate. Comfort- grip handle. Includes a blade cleaner/storage case. Dishwasher safe.

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image of Herb Stripper/Chopper in Stainless Steel

Herb Stripper/Chopper in Stainless Steel

Pull through to strip the leaves from herbs (8 sizes, from miniature to kale)…then use the sharp edge-blade to chop and mince, and scrape them right into your pan. Includes protective blade cover. $9.98.

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image of Mezzaluna in Stainless Steel

Mezzaluna in Stainless Steel

All stainless steel, with two sharp blades to make short work of all your chopping and mincing duties. Tubular stainless handle for comfort. Dishwasher safe.

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image of Microplane Zester/Grater

Microplane Zester/Grater

Microplane's best seller! 8” etched stainless zester blade with secure soft grip handle and non-slip feet. Ideal for citrus zest, parmesan, garlic, ginger, or chocolate. $12.99.
Currently available in Green only.
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image of Mortar & Pestle in Cast Iron

Mortar & Pestle in Cast Iron

This mortar and pestle set in cast iron will grind herbs and spices for generations. 3.5 " diameter by 2.75” high, with a 4” pestle.

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image of Mortar & Pestle in Marble

Mortar & Pestle in Marble

Here's a heavyweight champion for releasing the full flavor of herbs and spices. 8 oz. capacity, 4.75” diameter, this set will add grace and authority to your kitchen work space.

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image of Oil Mister (for Vinegar too)

Oil Mister (for Vinegar too)

This pump-style mister by Endurance will apply a light spray of oil on your cookware or grill, and directly on meats, seafoods and veggies. Mist salads with oil and vinegar too. 3 oz. glass bottle, stainless cap, dishwasher safe.

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image of OXO Herb and Kale Stripping Comb

OXO Herb and Kale Stripping Comb

OXO's Herb and Kale Stripping Comb strips leaves from multiple stems at one time with a simple pull. It allows you to quickly and efficiently strip parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, oregano and tarragon leaves from their stems.

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image of OXO Salt and Pepper Mills

OXO Salt and Pepper Mills

Our most popular table mills feature five grind settings that produce consistent results every time. Non-slip grip, easy to refill, and low mess (grinder is on top). Filled with coarse salt and/or peppercorns. Buy the set and save.

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image of Salad Dressing Shaker by OXO

Salad Dressing Shaker by OXO

Shake up a salad with home-made dressing! OXO shaker has a wide mouth for filling, then a precise pour spout with one-handed closure. Heavy Tritan acrylic one cup size with measure markings. BPA free and dishwasher safe. $9.98. Currently available in black trim only.

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image of Salt And Pepper Mills -- The Best.

Salt And Pepper Mills – The Best.

Grind away…These pepper and salt mills from Cole and Mason win the “best” designation in many cooking magazine tests. They are adjustable, from fine to coarse, and they hold the setting, for consistent results every time. They feel good in your hand, and look great too. Choose: Pepper Mill or Salt Mill - $44.98 each

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image of Salt Box in Olivewood

Salt Box in Olivewood

This gorgeous olive wood salt box has a smooth swivel top with a magnetic closure. Dual 4 oz. compartments hold your favorite salts. Overall size 5″ dia. x 2-1/2″ H. Hand wash with mild soap and dry thoroughly.

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image of Square Salt Box in Bamboo

Square Salt Box in Bamboo

This little salt box is ideal for storing and serving specialty salt. 6 Oz. capacity, includes a spoon. Buy two and get a custom tray for the pair.

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image of The Deliciouser Seasonings

The Deliciouser Seasonings

Patrick O'Halloran, Chef & Partner at Lombardino's, introduces a collection of small batch spice blends and salts to make chef quality meals at home. Made in Madison WI.

Antica - a sweet and savory blend that has been used in French, Italian, and middle eastern kitchens since mideval times.
Berbere - an Ethiopian spice blend with sweet, warm heat.
Fleur de Sel - French sea salt hand-harvested in the Guerande region of France.
Signature Seasoned Salt - House blend of sea salt with a bold mix of coarsely ground herbs, spices, and a pop of citrus.
Super Tuscan - Northern Italian herb blend.
Umamier - An earthy savory blend of sea salt, mushrooms, red miso, and other seasonings.

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image of Twist your Garlic

Twist your Garlic

The original Garlic Twist has been twisting for decades. All enclosed to keep the garlic under complete control. Just twist a few times and enjoy fresh minced garlic in your pan or dish. Dishwasher save. Choose green, purple or clear.

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